Good reasons not to have your own library

On december 5th 2013 I decided to disappear with my library. I didn’t have many books ( it was about 150) but it was too much for me. The idea has started when I was making my plans for 2014 and I decided to get away from everything that was occupying “unnecessary space”. Then I had a look at some books and saw that there were many that I hadn’t read yet: Grande Sertão Veredas( Guimarães Rosa), Assim falava Zaratrusta ( Friedrich Nietzsche) and others. From that situation I started to point the good reasons not to have your own library:

#1. Life is a movement, It’s not possible to make big movements “carrying many books on your hands”.

#2. Sharing book is a good business. You make friends, you have people to discuss the subjects that were read.

#3. People are not more or less intelligent because the amount of book that they carry home.

#4. Going to the public library is a good opportunity to meet interesting people.

#5. Some books you keep will never be read. So give the opportunity to others read it.

#6.Old books smell bad and cause allergy. Digital books are coming. And in the information time, books get older faster.

#7.They take space.

#8. Nobody will want some of them, even if you insist.
You may think the reason number #8 is strange. Everyplace there are people who want any book. But when I decided to donate my books to one public library I had a BIG SURPRISE.


They told me they could not accept all the books, only the new ones or some that they haven’t had yet and that the government has a donation to help them to buy new books. I understood that it has a cost to keep them. I received the suggestion to take the rest of the “useless” books to a recycling company. It was what I did without any regret. From now on I learned a great lesson:

#1. Just keep the books that changed your life.